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mathematics-in-europe.eu: for whom?

Welcome to www.mathematics-in-europe.eu.

This domain is run under the auspices of the EMS, it addresses everyone who is interested in mathematics. In particular we offer information for

Welcome message: journalists

It is our hope that this webpage will help to increase public understanding of mathematics. With this in mind it is obvious that you, the journalists, are particularly important visitors. We don’t know what you are looking for: general information (what is mathematics, history/philosophy of mathematics …)? recent developments? public awareness activities? This domain covers all these aspects and many more. If you don’t see something that you are looking for or if you need the answer to something special, feel free to contact us. We are sure that we can help you.
It should also be noted that we hope to collect the email addresses of journalists with a certain affinity to mathematics. Please let us know if you want to be on this list. If you agree, we would forward your address to mathematicians in your country who want to contact someone from the media.

Best regards: the team of mathematics-in-europe.eu

Welcome message: secondary-school students

A particular welcome to you! You will notice that most of the material on this webpage is presented in English. We hope to prepare as much as possible in other European languages as well, but this will take some time.
If it is no problem for you to read English, you will find many interesting things here now:

  • general information: what is mathematics? the mathematical landscape, …
  • contempory research problems
  • history and philosophy of mathematics
  • relations between mathematics and other fields of interest: music, art, …
  • which competitions might be interesting to you?
  • all who are considering the idea of studying mathematics can learn where mathematicians work and what they do after they have completed their studies.

Also note that we have in mind to provide here more “mathematical help” for you rather soon.
Have a look around and let us know which additional features would be most interesting to you.

Best regards: the team of mathematics-in-europe.eu

Welcome message: students at universities

You are a student of mathematics, welcome! If English is not your native language, the English you learned at school should suffice for understanding what is presented here. Nevertheless, it is our aim to provide most of the material in other languages as well.
For you, our webpage might be particularly interesting for the following reasons:

  • It offers the possibility to get an overview of the world of mathematics: history and philosophy of mathematics, the mathematical landscape, connections between mathematics and other fields of interest (such as music or art).
  • Where can one apply to participate in student mathematics competitions?
  • What should one know if one leaves for a country in which a different language is spoken: how do theyspeak about mathematics?
  • What happens after university? Where and how do mathematicians work?

It will take some time until everything that we have in mind has been prepared. Please let us know what, in your opinion, are the gaps that should be filled as soon as possible.

Best regards: the team of mathematics-in-europe.eu

Welcome message: teachers

It is a commonplace that teachers play a central role in the public understanding of mathematics. One of the reasons why we decided to launch this webpage is the idea that it is very important to present mathematics at school in an attractive way and that it is surely not very reasonable to invent the wheel over and over again: what was fascinating for a class in Finland can surely also be of great help for a teacher in Portugal, say.

The distribution of material that you can use in your classroom will be one of our main concerns. Needless to say, this will take some time and we will need the help of many colleagues all over Europe.
Besides this “help for the classroom” you can find here many other things which might be of interest to you. Have a look around and let us know if you have further ideas that should be realized on this domain.
Later, you will find here a forum where you can discuss your problems, your ideas and your suggestions with teachers from various countries.

Best regards: the team of mathematics-in-europe.eu

Welcome message: professional mathematicians

Welcome to all present and future mathematicians! This site contains material about mathematics that is designed to be read by a wide audience. It provides a wealth of discussion about mathematics and its many applications. Maybe you…

  • want to know what other professional mathematicians are doing? Then see the subpage “Mathematics as a profession” and also the links to our sponsor, where mathematical work in the insurance business is described.
  • want to know about the connections between mathematics and other subjects, like art, music, philosophy and history? Then we have articles which explore these wide-ranging links.
  • want to create an event or project about mathematics for the general public? Then you will find suggestions about how to do it effectively.
  • want to know what colleagues in your country and elsewhere in Europe are doing to promote mathematics? Then we can tell you about them.

Remember, this website is intended for a general audience. It is not easy to write an article about mathematics for non-specialists that is at once nontrivial and mathematically complete. So please send us your comments if you think there are places where the presentation can be clarified, simplified or improved. Our aim is to show readers everywhere that mathematics is fascinating, flourishing and important.

It would be wonderful if you could also contribute an article. Please write to us with your ideas.

Best regards: the team of mathematics-in-europe.eu

Welcome message: raising public awareness

Do you agree with us that the appreciation of mathematics by the general public is incommensurate with the importance of this science? Are you willing to realize a project in order to change this situation? Then you are a confederate!

Especially for you we have prepared

  • A survey of the rpa activities in your country.
  • Suggestions for concrete projects.

Also you are invited to send us your material and a short report of your experiences. If we can make it public, this will surely be very interesting and important to others who also plan to increase public awareness of mathematics.