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By on 06/05/2017

Hello again by Math Is In The Air. This is our review of posts written in April 2017. Before them, just a brief introduction for thos who don’t know us.

Math Is In The Air (MIITA) is an italian project started at the beginning of 2015 as a blog on Applied Mathematics. It had just a few collaborators and a bunch of posts. The italian website, at the moment, has 20 collaborators and more than 130 published posts on advanced applied Mathematics. At the beginning of 2016 we started our english blog and we are trying to expand it.

In this column we would like to present the posts we published in February 2017 in the italian blog. I will try to give you an idea of the content and I will redirect to the original post. Are you ready?

1) 02/04/2017: How to relate Statistics and Smartphone
by Cecilia Natalini

The original name of the post is “Come relazionare Statistica e Smartphone – IL TEST D’IPOTESI“.

This post is about the relationship between Statistics and smartphones’ battery lives.

Here is the link.

2) 09/03/2017: Maximum and Minimum problems
by Francesco Bonesi

The original name of the post is “Problemi di massimo e di minimo: ho fatto 2 metri quadri e mezzo, lascio?“.

This is a post on maximizing/minimizing quantities with constraints using calculus techniques.

Here is the link.

3) 18/04/2017: We already are in Matrix
by Domenico Brunetto

The original name of the post is “Siamo già in Matrix: come un matematico vede la rete“.

This post explains how a mathematician sees the net and its meaning in the spread of social networks. Very nice!

Here is the link.

4) 23/04/2017: A date with infinity
by Pierandrea Vergallo

The original name of the post is “Appuntamenti con l’infinito: Riempire l’infinito“.

In this date Pierandrea explains us how some infinite sets have strange and unobvious properties. A very interesting post.

Here is the link.

5) 30/04/2017: MAThouse – The art of semplification
by Andrea Capozio

The original name of the post is “MATEcomio – L’arte della semplificazione“.

This post is a collection of jokes about mathematics and incredible semplifications. Just to have fun!

Here is the link.

This concludes this list of posts!

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