Math Is In The Air February 2017 Column

By on 07/03/2017

Hello again by Math Is In The Air. This is our review of posts written in February 2017. Before them, just a brief introduction for thos who don’t know us.

Math Is In The Air (MIITA) is an italian project started at the beginning of 2015 as a blog on Applied Mathematics. It had just a few collaborators and a bunch of posts. The italian website, at the moment, has 20 collaborators and more than 130 published posts on advanced applied Mathematics. At the beginning of 2016 we started our english blog and we are trying to expand it.

In this column we would like to present the posts we published in February 2017 in the italian blog. I will try to give you an idea of the content and I will redirect to the original post. Are you ready?

1) 05/02/2017: Why are elastic trampolines not made of steel and why are aeroplanes not made of rubber?
by Pasquale Napolitano

The original name of the post is “Perché i tappeti elastici non sono fatti di acciaio e gli aerei non sono fatti di gomma?“.

The post is about elasticity, the ability of a body to resist a deforming force and to return to its original form when that influence or force is removed. It is a very great post!

Here is the link.

2) 12/02/2017: Game theory: relathionship problems
by Giulia Bernardi

The original name of the post is “Teoria dei giochi: altri problemi di coppia“.

This is the second Giulia’s post on game theory. In this post the author tries to find the solution of the coupling problems using mathematical tools. Amazing problem!

Here is the link.

3) 18/02/2017: Probability, Risk and Previsions
by Davide Passaro

The original name of the post is “Probabilità, Rischio e Previsione: strumenti per la costruzione di una cultura dell’incertezza“.

The post sponsors an event taking place in May 3-5, 2017 at Gran Sasso Science Institute about Probability, Risk and Previsions.

Here is the link.

4) 19/02/2017: Simulation with Python: an example of temperature’s profile in time
by Rosario Portoghese

The original name of the post is “Simulazione con Python: un esempio del profilo di temperatura nel tempo (Parte 3)“.

The aim of the post is to present a tutorial written by prof. L.A. Barba, G.F. Forsyth and C. Cooper describing how to develop a simulation of the heat equation using python. This is the third part of the tutorial and shows the code (in Python) for the simulation!

Here is the link.

5) 22/02/2017: Cubic equations and mathematical challenges
by Enrico Degiuli

The original name of the post is “Equazioni cubiche e sfide matematiche“.

The post is about the story of the discovery of the resolution formula of cubic equations. This is a very interesting story, you must read it!

Here is the link.

6) 26/02/2017: Setosa Explained Visually – An example of active lecture
by Andrea Capozio

The original name of the post is “Setosa Explained Visually – Un esempio di lettura attiva“.

The post is on a new way of explaining and understanding concepts. It also gives a glimpse on the Setosa Explained Visually project. Another Andrea’s great post!

Here is the link.

This concludes our list, for now! See you in the next MathIsInTheAir column!

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