A New Mathematical Stamps Website!

By on 28/02/2017

The Sociedade Portuguesa de Matemática and the British Society for the History of Mathematics have produced a Mathematical Stamps websitewww.mathematicalstamps.eu, for use by teachers and others. Featuring over 450 postage stamps depicting mathematics and mathematicians from around the world, it also includes an extensive historical commentary written by Robin Wilson. These are currently in English and Portuguese, and it is hoped that other languages will be added in due course.

A one-hour public lecture by Robin Wilson on the topic ‘The History of Mathematics in 300 stamps’ is also available below, from the Oxford Mathematical Institute website. Robin Wilson’s entire history of mathematics in one hour, as illustrated by around 300 postage stamps featuring mathematics and mathematicians from across the world. From Euclid to Euler, from Pythagoras to Poincaré, and from Fibonacci to the Fields Medals, all are featured in attractive, charming and sometimes bizarre stamps.

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