Math Is In The Air December 2016 Column

By on 11/01/2017

Math Is In The Air is now starting a collaboration with Mathematics in Europe website! 

Math Is In The Air (MIITA) is an italian project started at the beginning of 2015 as a blog on Applied Mathematics. It had just a few collaborators and a bunch of posts. The italian website, at the moment, has 20 collaborators and more than 130 published posts on advanced applied Mathematics. At the beginning of 2016 we started our english blog and we are trying to expand it.

In this column we would like to present the posts we published in December 2016 in the italian blog. I will try to give you an idea of the content and I will redirect to the original post. Are you ready?

1) 04/12/2016: Simulation with Python: an example of temperature’s profile in time
by Rosario Portoghese

The original name of the post is “Simulazione con Python: un esempio del profilo di temperatura nel tempo“.

The aim of the post is to present a tutorial written by prof. L.A. Barba, G.F. Forsyth and C. Cooper describing how to develop a simulation of the heat equation using python. The post contains the first part of the tutorial and there will obviously be a second part in the future!

The post also gives a nice note on Taylor’s polynomials and a very good explaination of the discretization of the second derivative.

Here is the link.

2) 08/12/2016: Parents’ Evening of a Mathematics Teacher: stupidity is not hereditary.
by Davide Passaro

The original name of the post is “I colloqui con i genitori di un insegnante di matematica: la stupidità non è ereditaria“.

It is a very fun post on the Parents’ Evening seen by the side and eyes of a Mathematics Teacher. The analysis is deep, clear and disenchanted and the exposition is brilliant and unmissable! To be read absolutely!

Here is the link.

3) 11/12/2016: Did you know that…Gauss, Galois, Riemann…funny facts on Mathematics
by Andrea Capozio

The original name of the post is “Lo sapevate che… Gauss, Galois, Riemann…aneddoti e curiosità sulla matematica“.

This post belongs to the series “Lo sapevate che…” (“Did you know that…“) written by Andrea Capozio. It is a series on anectodes and curiosities on Mathematics, mathematicians and surroundings. In this post the author gives us a glimpse on Gauss’s, Galois’s and Riemann’s lives and on funny facts around them. It is a amusing post.

Here is the link.

4) 18/12/2016: The equation of the world’s resonance
by Pasquale Napolitano

The original name of the post is “L’equazione che fa vibrare il mondo“.

What do a palace hit by an earthquake and car’s suspensions have in common? The aim of the post is to show the model and the equations behind these phenomena and to compare them to see that they can both be treated with the same mathematical model. A very interesting and weel written post!

Here is the link.

5) 20/12/2016: Merry Christmas: the story of a different(iable) curve
by Francesco Bonesi

The original name of the post is “Auguri di Buone Feste: la storia di una curva differenziata” and has been originally published in December 2015. For this Christmas, it has been republished.

The post is a story, written by Francesco Bonesi, on a special curve in the plane. Of course it is quite different if seen in Cartesian coordinates but its life changes when moving to polar. If you are curious now (and if you know italian) go and read it. And why not…there may be an English version in the future!

Here is the link.

This concludes our list, for now! See you in the next MathIsInTheAir column!

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