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By on 21/12/2016

The book “Matematyczna bombonierka” (“A box of mathematical chocolates”) written by Krzysztof Ciesielski and Zdzislaw Pogoda was recognized as the best book popularizing science by Polish authors in 2015/16 and the authors were awarded with the prestigious Golden Rose Prize.

The Golden Rose Prize is given each year for “the best book popularizing science by Polish author” on the occasion of Science Festival in Warsaw. The word “science” is understood here in a very broad way, as history, biographies, language are also included. The first Golden Rose Prize was given in 2007.

cpK.Ciesielski and Z.Pogoda work at the Mathematics Institute of the Jagiellonian University. They have coauthored several book popularizing mathematics. Two of them “The boundlessness of mathematical imagination” and “Mathematical Diamonds”, were awarded with the Steinhaus Prize in 1999. K.Ciesielski has been a member of the Committee for Raising Public Awareness of Mathematics the European Mathematical Society since 2009.

The present book consists of seven chapters. The first two chapters concern numbers and figures. The third part is entitled “Rozmaitosci” (this word means in Polish simultaneously “Varieties” and “Manifolds”). The fourth part is devoted to mathematicians, the fifth contains several mathematical problems, the sixth one is about jokes and anecdotes. In the last one, there are solutions to problems from the fifth chapter. The book contains plenty of photographs and pictures. It is beautifully edited by Demart Publishers.

More information (in Polish) can be found here, see also the Demart site and the site Matinf.

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