Some pictures from the Heidelberg Laureate Forum 2016

By on 27/09/2016

Between September 18 and 23 the “Heidelberg Laureate Forum’’ (HLF) took place in Heidelberg. Already for the fourth time winners of the most prestigious prizes in mathematics and computer science (Abel prize, Fields medals, Turing award) met with about 200 young mathematicians from various countries.

By Ehrhard Behrends

The HLF is modelled after the Lindau meetings that have a long tradition. There every year Nobel prize winners meet students and young researchers to exchange ideas. Due to the generous support of the Klaus Tschira foundation it was possible to adopt this format for mathematics and computer science. At each HLF there are lectures by the laureates but also workshops and a rich social program: sightseeing tours, banquets, excursions, …

This year mathematics among the laureates was represented by the Fields medaillists Atiyah, Bhargava, Faltings, Hironaka, Mori, Ngo Bao Châu, Voevodski and the Abel prize winners Endre Szemerédi und Andrew Wiles.

Here are some pictures:


Site of the meeting was Neue Universität Heidelberg

Wiles, Atiyah and Faltings:




The social dinner in the Convention Hall (in front one sees the Nobel prize winner in physics, Brian Schmidt):

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