Imagine Maths 6, Conference Mathematics and Culture XXth Anniversary

By on 19/06/2016

International Conference Mathematics and Culture 2017, Venice, Italy, March 31, April 1, 2, 2017

Since 1997 the Venice conference,  Mathematics and Culture, has been analysing the connections between mathematics and other aspects of human knowledge, bringing together mathematicians, architects, poets, writers, artists, playwrights, musicians from all over the world. Over 30 volumes have been published by Springer verlag and other publishers.

In 2017, XXth Anniversary, a new edition of this conference will cover, among others: mathematics and art, mathematics and applications, mathematics and literature, mathematics and music, mathematics and architecture, mathematics and cinema, mathematics and theater, mathematics and computer graphics, matehamticla and visual applications.

There will be a registration fee of 180 €. Free for students. The total number of participants is limited.

NEW For this special anniversary edition of the Venice conference it will be possible to submit an abstract for consideration, English language  only. If the abstract is accepted for presentation it will be possible to present the paper in Italian but with slides in English.  Deadline: september 30th, 2016.

Chairman: Michele Emmer email:

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