Christmas maths activity: Make your own Christmas tree

By on 03/02/2016

A Christmas tree has roughly a conical shape. Consequently, it is quite easy to make a decoration in the form of a Christmas tree from cardboard or other suitable material.

by Franka Miriam Brueckler

The surface of the cone laid flat is a circular sector, so all you need to do is to draw a circular sector on the cardboard, cut it out, decorate it and glue it into a conical form using adhesive tape. Better still, you can also start thinking and calculate the right size and angle for your circular sector if you want to obtain a Christmas tree of a specific height and width!


Another nice decoration in the form of a Christmas tree is also of mathematical nature. You draw a spiral on cardboard, decorate it, cut it out and hang it at the center. Basically any kind of spiral will do: an Archimedean one, a Fibonacci one, a simple made of half circle arcs, …


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