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By on 03/11/2020

The Cambridge University Mathematical Society, The Archimedeans, has published a magazine called “Eureka” ( ) since 1939. Here some news by Adam Atkinson.

Here is the cover of issue number 46, from 1986. It contains an article by John Conway on “audioactive decay”, a surprisingly detailed analysis of the “look and say sequence” 1, 11, 21, 1211, …

According to the Eureka website, articles by Dirac and Hardy have appeared, and elsewhere I read that there is an article by Freeman Dyson in issue 8, published in 1944.










The appearance of the magazine has changed somewhat since 1986:

My Eureka collection is far from complete:

I didn’t imagine that it ever would be complete. For decades many of the back issues have, fairly obviously, not been for sale. I didn’t even imagine I would ever see some of the earlier issues.

However, I recently learned that a digital archive of Eureka has been created, containing all the issues from 3 to 65, available at – I have of course asked the obvious question and am told they have a source for issues 1 and 2 and hope to put those online soon as well.

I hope that this news is of some interest or use to visitors to Mathematics in Europe.

Adam Atkinson


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