Join the celebrations of the first International Day of Mathematics

By on 18/09/2019

Math is everywhere – it’s time to celebrate it! The International Mathematical Union (IMU) plans together with UNESCO to proclaim March 14th, known as Pi-Day, as the annual International Day of Mathematics (IDM). Festivities will be launched on all continents of the world following a joint theme. The topic of the year 2020 will be: “Math is everywhere”.

We invite you to join us!

Do you want to celebrate in your school, university or museum?

Or would you rather organise a small exhibition or event in your region?

Would you like to celebrate in your local math clubs or launch a national activity?  

In whichever way you want to celebrate, we will support you on with ideas, projects, material, software and much more. Every activity will become a part of an interactive map, that collects all projects around the globe.

The website is preliminary for now, providing information about the project plans, partners and the topic “Mathematics is everywhere”. You can also subscribe to the IDM newsletter.

Spread the news, let passionate mathematicians, other math enthusiasts, all your friends (and even people you don’t like that much) know and tell us of your planned activities!


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