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We publish a call for contributions in the field of “Mathematics & Art” for Aplimat Conference, sent by two members of the Scientific Board of the conference.

As members of the Scientific board we have the pleasure to invite you to send one or more contributions in the field of “Mathematics & Art”, for Aplimat Conference*, which will be held in Bratislava from February 5th to February 7th 2019. A general invitation was sent earlier by prof. Velichova, Chair of Aplimat.


tre colonneThe session Mathematics and Art is dedicated to the memory of its founder Mauro Francaviglia. In the spirit of Mauro’s intent, we look forward to fertile interactions, and intend “Art” visual or performing , in its broadest sense. We also especially welcome papers about applications in Cultural Heritage, a field today scattered among very different sources.
Broader applications such as in Architecture and design, or Science and Art, are always welcome.
Along the years we have had the pleasure to host some artists to share with us their use of mathematics or science as an inspiration or as a method.
The proceedings of the Conference are indexed Scopus, published in electronic form and allow self-archiving. Papers will be submitted via Easy Chair**.

We hope you are interested in this cross-fertilization and that you will be able to plan participating.
If so, please:
– register your name and abstract at the Conference page:
– and, please also write to the members of the scientific board as soon as possible indicating your interest to participate in the Conference and/or submit a paper.

Marcella Giulia Lorenzi, PhD
Università della Calabria Campus di Arcavacata 87036 Rende (CS) – Italy

Laura Tedeschini Lalli
Professor of mathematical physics
Università Roma Tre Dipartimento di Architettura
via Madonna dei Monti 40 00184 Rome Italy


As usual the Conference is a fully self-supported one. This means that the Organizers do not provide any financial support for participants,
including organizers and lecturers with an invited talk for the Session. (Bratislava is not expensive. There are cheap accommodations
and meals are provided in the cafeteria of the Campus.). Please notice the very near deadline for submission of papers (Nov. 30).
More info at:

** Papers submitted no later than November 30, 2018 will be reviewed and after successful review process and delivery of final versions not later than January 13, 2019, they will be included in the Aplimat 2019 Proceedings published in electronic form on CD media. Proceedings of Aplimat conference are registered in SCOPUS database. Proceedings request an even number of pages and contributions not exceeding 8 pages (including pictures).

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