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By on 01/02/2016

Here we have gathered information on mathematics

  • What is mathematics? This is a very difficult question, and there is probably no one answer to which all mathematicians would subscribe. We have collected a number of partial answers. There is great variation in the ambitions of the authors and the demands placed by them on the reader.
  • The mathematical landscape. Here is information on the mathematics profession. Which areas are of greatest interest? What important concepts are at work? What of value can be said about particular numbers and formulas?
  • Research. This is an enormous topic. We present an overview of where in Europe, outside of the universities, special mathematics research institutes have been set up. There are also articles on the ‘Millennium Problems’, each of which carries a million-dollar prize for its solution. In addition, you can learn about the impact of current mathematical problems on our daily lives.
  • History and philosophy of mathematics. In many instances the development of mathematics was motivated by concrete problems in the natural sciences, economics, and technology. The current state of the mathematical sciences has many historical precedents, which we shall illustrate with examples. It is by no means clear how well founded the methods of mathematics actually are. This issue has been repeatedly addressed by philosophers of mathematics over the course of time.
    At regular intervals, our mathematical calendar takes the opportunity of the anniversary of some particular mathematical development to give a more-detailed explanation of some mathematical topic.
  • Mathematics and … There are many relationships between mathematics and other areas of inquiry. We shall concentrate especially on relationships between mathematics and art and between mathematics and music.
  • Mathematics in Europe: Societies, research institutes, public awareness activities, …  
  • A compilation of all links that have been recommended in our “Top five inspirations of the month”.

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