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By on 07/03/2018
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The University of Almería (Spain) and Virtual Dor are very happy to advance you that NeoTrie VR, a software currently developed by them, will be launched in a few months.

In the last year, some alpha versions have been shown at several congresses, fairs and schools with great success. In addition, they received two awards in the latest Spanish editions of Science on Stage (Algeciras, Eibar-Ermua).

You have probably already seen something of Virtual Reality, through some glasses with mobile phones, video game consoles or similar, but this is not comparable with the Virtual Reality offered by high quality VR headsets such as HTC Vive, which allows a total immersive experience.

NeoTrie VR allows to create, manipulate and interact with geometric objects in 3D space and models of various types. It also includes some activities and games in 3D geometry, and more important, it gives the possibility of designing many more activities, under demand of users.

If you intend to use this new technology in your classes or research, please visit our website here to get more informations.

You are also welcome to follow the Youtube channel:

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  1. José L. Rodríguez

    11/07/2018 at 18:53

    Thanks a lot for sharing our software. We let you know that we have implemented already the multiplayer mode, so pupils around the world can now play and learn together 3D geometry in the same scene.

    Here is a short video

    We have also implemented a flight mode

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