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By on 23/09/2017

A round up of some of the best video content published by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford over the past few weeks…

Have you ever wondered where maths comes from? What are the instructions that govern how we manipulate numbers and equations? It all starts with a set of basic rules called axioms. In the video below, Tom introduces the ten most basic mathematical axioms in the field of Analysis. These rules refer to the real numbers and though they may seem simple, they form the foundations upon which the majority of today’s maths is built.

In the latest episode of the ‘Equations Stripped’ series, Tom strips back Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism. These equations form the underlying theory of electromagnetic waves and provide a mathematical framework for the experimental results seen by Faraday and Maxwell in the 1800s. The equations are explained step-by-step, with a final calculation showing how both the electric and magnetic fields satisfy the wave equation, therefore demonstrating that light itself must be a wave.

Answering another question sent in by YOU, Tom explains how modular arithmetic works beginning with the familiar example of the 12-hour clock. He then moves onto negative numbers and provides some top tips on how to compute any arithmetic operation when working with modular numbers.

You can find all of the material by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford on his website You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram @tomrocksmaths.

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