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By on 12/08/2017

Check out some of the best content published by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford over the past month…

Do you spend your family game nights losing at Monopoly? Would you like to know how maths can help you to improve your chances of winning? Then make sure you check out the latest video from Tom Rocks Maths answering the maths questions that have been sent in and voted for by YOU.

Did you know that being good at maths helps you to make better decisions? A recent study in the US examined the behaviour of college students taking a statistics class and found that those with the best grades made better decisions in life when it came to their health and finances. In the interview below Tom explains the study and talks about some of the decisions (good and bad) that he’s made himself…

In the third episode of the video series Equations Stripped, Tom strips back Calculus layer by layer so that everyone can understand its meaning. Starting with the importance of Calculus as the basis of modelling the universe, he then explains why we need to make instantaneous measurements in the first place and how taking a limit works on a graph, before finally discussing the meaning behind each individual term in the equation.

You can find all of the material by the Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford on his website You can also follow him on FacebookTwitterYoutube and Instagram @tomrocksmaths.

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