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By on 10/07/2017

Naked Maths is a brand new project from Naked Scientist Tom Crawford that looks at the maths that’s all around us…

Do you have a burning maths question that you just have to know the answer to? Something you’ve always wanted to know, but never been able to find out? Well, good news is on the horizon! Naked Mathematician Tom Crawford has recently launched a new project that puts YOU in charge.

All you have to do is send your maths questions to @tomrocksmaths via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and then the top 3 will be put to a vote. Make sure you follow Tom Rocks Maths so that you are eligible to vote! The question with the highest number of votes will then get a recorded video answer.

Winning questions so far include: What is the probability that I have the same PIN as someone else? How long would it take for an object to sink to the bottom of the ocean? And what is the gravitational field of a hollow Earth? Remember, send your questions in and get voting for your favourites!

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