Experiencing mathematics!

By on 20/06/2017

For more than 13 years the exhibition entitled Experiencing mathematics!, supported by UNESCO, has been circulating all over the world. As written in the main site, this very interactive exhibition is intented to show to all visitors that mathematics is:

  • astonishing, interesting and useful,
  • accessible to everyone,
  • plays a large part in daily life,
  • that they lead to many trades,
  • and has an important role in our culture, development and progress.

Experiencing Mathematics! is oriented on visitors of all ages and experience levels. It is directed at people that, up to now, have not concerned themselves a lot with math, as well as those that have experience in the area. The exhibition is also adapted for families and school groups.

Renewed versions of it have been presented in various european countries (Denmark, France, Greece, Poland, Spain, Switzerland) and it is now the turn of the Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation to welcome it (Mathematik erfahren): for the first time in Germany, 10 subject areas and various experiment stations invite visitors to use their own hands to experience mathematics over the summer, until August 31, 2017.

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