Turing, Fibonacci and the sunflowers

Article previously published on Doc Madhattn. June 23, 2017: Happy Alan Turing 105th Birthday! One of the last Alan Turing's work is about Fibonacci numbers in nature: One of a number of problems [Alan Turing] was trying to solve was the appearence of Fibonacci numbers in the structure of plants. Read more

Experiencing mathematics!

For more than 13 years the exhibition entitled Experiencing mathematics!, supported by UNESCO, has been circulating all over the world. As written in the main site, this very interactive exhibition is intented to show to all visitors that mathematics is: astonishing, interesting and useful, accessible to everyone, plays a large part in daily life, that they lead to many trades, and has an important role in our culture, development and progress. Read more

Tom Crawford: the Naked Mathematician

Naked Maths is a brand new project from Naked Scientist Tom Crawford that looks at the maths that’s all around us… The Naked Scientists are an award-winning production company that specialises in broadcasting science news internationally via the radio and podcasts. Read more

The Maxwell's equations, the Beatles and the differential geometry

The following video is a song about Maxwell's equations. Lyrics are written by David Olson with the basis of Let it be by Beatles. Enjoy! [embed]https://youtu.be/igcr5uPt5Hg[/embed] Interestingly, Maxwell's equations have been drastically reduced into a language of differential geometry. Read more

A solution to a maximal independent set problem

Article previosly published on Doc Madhattan. A distributed system is a set of autonomous computer that comunicate in a network in order to reach a certain goal. So a maximal independent set (MIS) is a distributed system's subject. But, what we intend for MIS? In graph theory, a maximal independent set or maximal stable set is an independent set that is not a subset of any other independent set. Read more

Plus Magazine Monthly Column - June 2017 - The ocellated lizard and other stories

Plus http://plus.maths.org is a free online magazine about mathematics aimed at a general audience. It is part of the Millennium Mathematics Project, based at the University of Cambridge and our aim is to open a door onto the world of maths for everyone. Read more

The Closest Possible

A new contribution from the Italian journal XlaTangente. Initially thought as the Italian edition of the French magazine “Tangente. L’aventure mathématique“, in the last few years the paper edition evolved in a website, www.xlatangente.it, whose goal is to continue to offer “chewable mathematics”, thanks to the contributions of young mathematicians, increasingly aware of the need to maintain a dialogue with society. Read more

Mathematics and Literature, an international workshop

An International Workshop held in Óbidos, Portugal, the 1st October 2016. Here a report by one of the organizers, José Francisco Rodrigues. The Centro Internacional de Matemática, in partnership with the Portuguese Mathematical Society and the Science Museum of the University of Coimbra, organized a one day international workshop on Literature and Mathematics, with the collaboration and support of the Centro de Matemática, Aplicações Fundamentais e Investigação Operacional of the University of Lisboa. Read more

The European Girls' Mathematical Olympiad 2018 will hold in Florence

The European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO) is an international mathematics competition similar in style to the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), with two tests taken on consecutive days. Participating countries from Europe, as well as guest countries from all over the world, send teams consisting of up to four female contestants of school age. Read more

Coarse-Graining the Fluid Flow around a Human Sperm

It has been observed that human sperm cells trace regular but complex trajectories, shaped as spiralling helices. A new mathematical model try to give a better description the movement of these micorsopic swimmers. Here the English version of an article by Antonio DeSimone, from the Italian site MaddMaths!. Read more

Catastrophically creative: Salvador Dalí and Maths

May 14th, 2017 was the last dey of the exhibition Dalí Experience, at Palazzo Belloni in Bologna. A fantastic experience for maths lovers! By Silvia Benvenuti Maths?! Maths, yes. (And art, of course!) If you are wondering what the hell Salvador Dalí, one of the most subversive and revolutionary artists of his time, has to do with maths, just take a look at his mustache in one of the photographs in Figure 1: don't you think our genius shows some interest in the subject considered by many the most arid of the universe? Figure 1. Read more
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